What is amethyst crystal?


What is amethyst crystal?

The color of amethyst is purple, because a trace amount of Fe (iron) is infiltrated into it. Amethyst is a type of crystal, which is a hazy psychedelic purple due to the manganese element in the crystal. It includes various shades of purple in concentrations ranging from light lilac to deep violet. Generally speaking, dark purple is popular because it feels particularly mysterious. The darker the color, the more valuable it is. The most expensive amethyst even exhibits a deep purple-reddish hue, but it is extremely rare. Light-colored amethyst, also known as French rose, is favored by young people.

Amethyst has a high frequency, dominates the right brain world, enhances spirituality, and can open up higher wisdom. It is an indispensable tool for students, office workers or creators who need to think often.

Amethyst represents spirituality, spirit, and high-level love, and can be used as a love and token for admirers. Whether in the East or the West, purple is regarded as the color of the highest status. Among gems, only amethyst can emit this noble purple light. Some people say that the most beautiful purple in nature is the purple light of amethyst.

Natural amethyst usually has natural ice cracks or white cloud impurities. Amethyst with gem value is produced in the geodes of volcanic rock, pegmatite, or limestone and shale. Amethyst is widely distributed in nature, mainly in Brazil, Russia, South Africa and Madagascar.


Elegant and noble amethyst bracelet, simple design without losing fashion charm. People like the delicate and romantic color of amethyst, and at the same time, people take it for granted that wearing amethyst bracelets has become a fashion now, and amethyst bracelets are also highly sought after by people. So how much do you know about how to wear amethyst bracelets? Today I will introduce to you how to wear amethyst bracelet and some precautions.


How to wear amethyst bracelet:

 What is amethyst crystal?

1. One of the ways to wear amethyst bracelets: Which hand is suitable for wearing amethyst bracelets?

Amethyst is a relatively high-energy crystal, and amethyst bracelet can protect the human body no matter which hand it is worn on. But according to the basic principles of crystal wearing, amethyst is a radioactive crystal and should be worn on the left hand. Besides, we usually work with the right hand, and amethyst is not easy to be damaged and worn on the left hand.

2. The second method of wearing amethyst bracelets: how do men and women wear amethyst bracelets?

Amethyst bracelets are women's favorites and are suitable for women of all ages to wear, but many men think that men are not suitable for wearing amethyst bracelets. In fact, as long as the choice is appropriate, men wearing amethyst bracelets can also show generosity and elegance. Here comes a bracelet specification issue. Women's hands are relatively slender and suitable for bracelets with smaller diameter beads. Generally speaking, 8mm-12mm is more suitable, mainly depending on the size of the hand. Generally speaking, men can choose 14mm-16mm. If they are fat men, they can choose 16mm. If they are thinner, they can choose 12mm, as long as they fit their wrists.

In terms of color, women can wear amethyst bracelets in all shades, while men should choose darker colors, better gloss, and simpler styles, so that they are more concise and elegant.


Precautions for wearing amethyst bracelets:


(1) Amethyst is a colored crystal, which will fade when it encounters high temperature, so it is necessary to avoid high temperature exposure when wearing it. At the same time, it also involves amethyst bracelet that cannot be demagnetized by sunlight;

(2) Like other crystal bracelets, avoid collision and friction with hard objects when wearing amethyst bracelets, causing damage to amethyst bracelets;

(3) Wearing amethyst bracelets requires regular degaussing and purification. The specific maintenance of amethysts has related introductions on our website, you can take a look;

(4) For the amethyst bracelets that are not worn temporarily, we should clean them and demagnetize them, and put them into jewelry boxes or jewelry bags for collection to avoid touching them with other hard objects;

(5) If it is a place with heavy air in and out, such as hospitals, cemeteries, etc., take off the amethyst bracelet to avoid getting dirty, and clean it up in time after returning.


Amethyst price depends on WHAT factors



The price of natural amethyst has always troubled consumers, because some artificial amethysts are always used in the market to pretend to be real amethysts to sell to consumers, and the price is not low, so you should pay attention to distinguish when choosing, then What are the factors that determine the price of amethyst? Generally, the following points should be considered:


The more transparent the amethyst crystal, the more expensive it will be. Of course, completely transparent amethyst can hardly be seen now. There are more or less impurities inside the natural amethyst crystal. Amethyst without impurities is generally artificial crystal.


The brighter the color, the more expensive it is. The color of natural crystals will not be very uniform. Different beads on the same amethyst bracelet, or even one bead, may have uneven colors, especially when placed in water, which can be clearly seen, while synthetic ones are more uniform in color.


It is said that the contents of natural crystals are unavoidable, such as cotton wool, ice cracks, etc., which are formed during the natural formation process, but it is only a matter of how much. If the impurities inside the crystal are relatively small, the crystal is relatively transparent, generally like this The price of amethyst is relatively expensive. Of course, there are also some amethysts with no impurities in the market. Most of these crystals are artificial crystals or cultivated crystals, so you should look carefully when choosing.


In the case of the same quality and the same color, the larger the crystal size, the more expensive the price; of course, there is also a situation that when the quality is different, the size is also a price-dependent factor.


The efficacy and role of amethyst

Amethyst (AMETHYST): It is the birthstone for February, representing purity, harmony and peace of mind. When placed under the pillow, it can stimulate thinking and sleep peacefully. Contact with amethyst can improve spirituality and increase wisdom. Therefore, some people who are studying or are experiencing exam luck are also very suitable to wear. Placing amethyst clusters will make people feel happy and have few desires, etc. The ancients believed that it could ward off evil spirits, protect the body, bring happiness and longevity, and detoxify and avoid injury, like a talisman. The amethyst cave has the characteristics of aura resonance and condensed energy. It is the best feng shui stone for feng shui decoration. It contains a lot of amethyst raw ore. The best placement is in the indoor air return, that is, the diagonal position of the door, commonly known as the bright financial position, and the effect is the best.

Amethyst can also improve the aura environment of indoor space. (Specifically, metal, wood, water, fire, and earth can be characterized according to the shape of the geode.

The energy of amethyst is very high, and its energy is relative to the eyebrow chakra in the seven-chakra system. So Luo, amethyst can not only open up wisdom, assist thinking, concentrate thinking, increase memory ability, but also increase the vitality of brain cells and the operation of the brain. For students and office workers who need to use their brains for a long time, amethyst is a must-have. The missing crystal gem weapon.

Amethyst is also a social stone, but the social relationship here refers not to the popularity brought by pink crystal, but to the attraction of a restrained heart. Often wearing it will help you meet noble people, increase your wit, and make progress. Intuition and shallow consciousness. Ametrine, also known as eclectic stone, is a symbol of high wisdom in nature. Because it is called eclectic stone, it is natural to have obvious functions for friction or contradiction between people. In addition, amethyst also symbolizes wisdom and wealth at the same time, in other words, it has the dual energy magnetic field of amethyst and citrine, which is quite attractive.

Amethyst represents the "guardian stone of love" in Western countries, which can empower couples and couples with deep love, chastity, honesty and courage. In Greek teachings, amethyst is the symbol of Bacchus' mysterious "sexual vitality", the god of fertility. exert a lot of power.

Amethyst can eliminate insomnia and increase sleep quality, and can also promote cell activation in the cerebellum, right brain and central nervous system. However, it should be noted that if it is a normal sleep, or a person with strong energy comes to sleep on the Amethyst Pillow, it may be more exciting and unable to sleep due to the positive effect.

The effect of amethyst to enhance popularity. Amethyst is regarded as a social stone, which can make people have both sides in social situations. The popularity brought by amethyst is introverted and attracted by the heart; often wearing amethyst helps to meet noble people and increase wit , to improve intuition and subconsciousness. In the five elements, amethyst is the main fire, the control of the main leadership ability, can bring noble people luck, can make people have tolerance, bring noble gas, convince people with heart, so that subordinates can serve from the heart , with the meaning of getting rich because of being expensive.

Amethyst's efficacy of love guardian stone. In Greek mythology, amethyst is a symbol of the mysterious vitality of Bacchus, the god of wine. It is said that Bacchus can transform the vitality of sex into spiritual vitality through amethyst, which can also play a great role in solving sexual problems and finding suitable objects. the power of. In western countries, amethyst is considered to be the guardian stone of love, which can bring people honesty, chastity, courage and self-confidence, and can make couples and couples get deeper romantic love. Amethyst can also make the other party unswervingly loyal to their love, have a happy marriage, and enhance popularity and heterosexuality. It can also help the success of love and career, can be used as a fixation, and also represents luck.


The meaning of amethyst


 What is amethyst crystal?


Ancient Greek Amethyst Meaning

In Greek teachings, amethyst is the god of fertility. It is the symbol of Bacchus' mysterious "sexual vitality". It is said that it can transform the vitality of sex into spiritual vitality. Can exert great power. There is also a legend about the beautiful and distant amethyst. The English name of amethyst is translated from ancient Greek. In the ancient Greek language, amethyst means "not drunk", because purple Deep in the crystal is the shame and guilt of the ancient Greek god of wine. Legend has it that drinking from a glass made of amethyst can keep you sober. According to legend, Bacchus, the god of wine in ancient Greece, once played a prank after drinking, and pushed a beautiful girl named Amestre in front of a beast, which happened to be seen by the goddess Diana. The girl was spared the mutilation, and he cast a spell to turn the girl into a white stone sculpture. At this time, Buxton suddenly woke up and regretted it, because he found that he had been deeply fascinated by this white statue. When I was sad, the wine in my hand accidentally spilled on the sculpture in front of me, and slowly the stone turned into a beautiful amethyst. So, in order to make up for his own mistakes and to commemorate this beautiful girl, Bacchus, the god of wine, named Amethyst after the girl's name "AMETHYST".

Ancient Roman Amethyst Meaning

The ancient Romans were accustomed to the ritual of paying homage to the dead and cleansing sins in February every year, and amethyst was used as a symbol of taboo sensuality, preventing self-indulgence, maintaining honesty and rationality, so amethyst was often inlaid on bishops and priests. This also gives amethyst a unique meaning on the ring.

Spanish Amethyst Meaning

In the 16th century, Spain had a court painter named Velasquez, a great artist who loved Greek mythology, and he had a soft spot for amethyst. With the spirit, loyalty and warning endowed by the amethyst, he won the king's trust and favor with his extraordinary talent and diligence in the tempting palace of Philip IV. In his later years, he personally designed a jeweled laurel wreath for the king with the theme of "Abundance", with emerald leaves on a gold base. The center stone of this gemstone laurel is a grape carved from a large amethyst. This laurel is in the collection of the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna. Amethyst is regarded as a commemorative gem for the 17th anniversary of marriage, because the couple's relationship during this period is more prone to cracks due to the heavy burden of life. The purpose of giving amethyst jewelry is to remind the other party: to be especially vigilant of "the temptation of the devil".

The meaning of amethyst in China

In our country's "Museum Essentials", it is said: Amethyst "colors like grapes, bright and lovely". Of course, in addition to the lovely and lovely external beauty of amethyst, amethyst also has a higher level of meaning. Amethyst is regarded as an excellent feng shui stone. It can be used as a talisman in the traditional sense and a ward off evil. Wearing amethyst jewelry or placing amethyst can drive away evil luck, enhance personal luck, and promote intelligence, stabilize emotions, and help thinking. , improve intuition, focus, enhance memory, give people courage and self-confidence. The purple color emitted by amethyst dominates the right brain world, that is, intuition and subconsciousness, which can promote its concentration, improve thinking vitality, and enable people to remain calm in difficult situations and face challenges.

In many Asian countries, the unparalleled and noble purple of amethyst is also a sign of their dignity; in European and American countries, amethyst is also a commemorative gem for the 20th birthday; in Uruguay, amethyst is respected as their national stone.


Amethyst degaussing maintenance method

Amethyst is a colored crystal, remember not to use sunlight, sunlight will make it fade. Be careful not to hit hard objects or drop, be careful not to bump or scratch your beloved crystal. We can generally use the following simple degaussing and maintenance methods.

Amethyst Degaussing Method

1 Clean water purification method: Rinse the spar in running water for about ten minutes.

2. Sea salt soaking method: Put the spar into a cup of salt water with an appropriate amount of sea salt or coarse salt and soak it for three to four hours.

March Moonlight Illumination Method: Irradiate the moonlight for one night, preferably on the fifteenth or sixteenth of the lunar calendar every month.

4. Sea salt burial method: Bury the spar directly in sea salt (or coarse salt heap for several hours.

5. Crystal cluster purification method: Put the spar on the crystal cluster, and charge the spar through the energy emitted by the crystal cluster, which can be done every day.

Natural cleaning: Put the crystal in the countryside, let the peaceful and harmonious sound of nature to purify the magnetic field of the spar.

7 mind purification method. This is more difficult and requires a lot of meditation to do it.

8 Music purification method, playing Buddha sound, such as the Great Compassion Mantra.

9. Incense purification method, smoke with sandalwood for 10 to 20 minutes.

Amethyst maintenance method

Be careful not to hit hard objects or drop, be careful not to bump or scratch your beloved crystal. When not in use, it should be stored in a soft jewelry box. Try to avoid contact with perfume, chemical liquid, soap or human sweat to prevent erosion.


Amethyst identification method


Amethyst will show different shades of purple because of its origin and color, so the purple of natural amethyst ranges from the lightest lavender to the very rich deep purple. Due to the influence of nature, the naturally formed amethyst sometimes has uneven color on different beads or even on the same bead. If it is synthetic amethyst, its color is very uniform and perfect, of course. , In nature, there are also the best amethysts with very uniform color.

Naturally occurring amethysts tend to exhibit bright bands, while synthetic amethysts do not. Carefully observe a natural amethyst bracelet with transparent crystals and few cracks, but obvious color bands can still be seen. Synthetic amethyst does not have this feature, and the color of synthetic amethyst is very single and inflexible.

Natural amethyst in the palm of the hand will give people a cold feeling. If it is worn on the body, the temperature of natural amethyst will gradually increase with the body temperature, and eventually it can maintain the same temperature as the human body. But the synthetic amethyst is different. The synthetic amethyst is placed in the palm of the hand. Although it will feel cold at the beginning, it will feel higher than the body temperature after wearing it on the body for a period of time, so this identification is the easiest. method, especially the amethyst made of glass is the easiest to identify.

Like other crystals, amethyst often contains cracks, tidbits or other mineral inclusions inside the crystal, but there will be many bubbles inside the synthesized amethyst crystal. Generally, the material of synthetic amethyst is glass, so if you do not know the bubble Shape, you can look at the glass, you will find that there are often bubbles in the glass.

How to identify natural amethyst and artificial amethyst

Since ancient times, the status of amethyst in people's hearts has never been shaken. Amethyst full of magical colors has a cool charm in romance and elegance. There are many amethyst bracelets on the market, but there are also inferior amethyst bracelets. So how to distinguish natural amethyst from artificial amethyst?

The color of natural amethyst varies widely, and the color of artificial amethyst is the same

There are usually two types of amethysts on the market, one is natural amethyst and the other is artificial amethyst. From the point of view of color, the difference between natural amethyst and artificial amethyst is obvious.

The purple of natural amethyst ranges from very light lavender to very rich black and purple, and often appears uneven purple on different beads on a string of amethyst bracelets or even on the same bead, which is varied and very beautiful. . In addition, natural amethyst bracelets are very transparent and have few cracks, while synthetic amethysts have the same color and are very well-proportioned.

Natural amethyst often contains impurities, artificial amethyst is clean and flawless

From the texture point of view, the texture of natural amethyst and artificial amethyst are different. Synthetic amethyst bracelets are often clean and flawless; natural amethysts are crystals containing minerals such as tourmaline, actinite, rutile, etc. These minerals have their own crystal forms, they are enclosed in crystals, arranged in random directions without any direction, thickness. Lengths vary. Because natural crystals are often affected by the environment and always contain some impurities during the formation process, when observing the sun, you can see faint uniform and fine horizontal stripes or catkin-like substances.

Of course, natural amethyst bracelets also have a very uniform color, a very clean and flawless interior, no cracks, no cotton, no bubbles, usually this situation is relatively rare, and the price will be relatively high.

Natural amethyst gives a cool feeling, long-term wear is beneficial to the human body

Natural amethyst bracelet has the function of balancing energy, giving people a sense of serenity and harmony. In addition, natural amethyst can also improve insomnia. Every time you wear an amethyst bracelet to sleep or put it on your pillow, it can treat insomnia and improve sleep quality. From the tactile analysis, natural amethyst feels cool at room temperature, and when you touch the amethyst bracelet, it will also feel cold, while synthetic crystal does not have this feeling.


Amethyst Origin Distribution


South Korea

Korean amethyst has a very charming blue-purple and is very beautiful. Many people are very fond of this exotic color, which gives people a deep and noble temperament. Unfortunately, in recent years, the output has been decreasing, and there are also restrictions on the export of amethyst, which has led to the change of Korean amethyst. It is relatively rare and the price has skyrocketed.


Brazil, as one of the main producing areas of natural crystal, of course also produces a large amount of amethyst. Although Brazil produces amethyst of various colors from dark to light, the output of dark purple amethyst is still relatively small, and it produces more. Light purple or medium purple amethyst. Amethysts produced in Brazil are distributed in large quantities into amethyst bracelets, amethyst necklaces, etc., and are distributed around the world. The price of these amethysts is at a medium price, which is relatively easy for buyers to accept.


The amethyst particles produced in Zambia are very small, but its color is very good, with bright red, even if you look at it from a distance, you will not feel that the amethyst crystals are black, and the price is relatively expensive.


The amethyst produced in Uruguay is known as the best color in amethyst. This purple is very deep and charming, and it also has a burgundy intoxicating fire. Becoming extremely rare, Uruguayan amethyst is a gem in some high-end jewelry stores.


Madagascar does not mainly produce amethyst. The amethyst produced has many impurities, and the luster is not good enough. It is relatively low-grade in amethyst and is not very favored.


The origin of amethyst in China can be divided as follows: Shanxi amethyst has a history of 100 years of mining, mainly distributed in Wutai Mountain, Hengshan Mountain, Yanbei and Luliang Mountain. In Xinghe County, Inner Mongolia, the quartz veins in the granite pegmatite veins produce crystals, mainly smoky crystals, with a very small amount of amethyst; and Alaben and Guyang County, the former banner of Bayannur League, also produce amethyst. The origin of Xinjiang amethyst is located on the edge of the Tarim platform, and amethyst is mainly produced in granite and hydrothermal quartz veins. The amethysts in Yunnan are distributed in Shigu and Central Yunnan in the southern section of Ailao Mountain, as well as in Lijiang, Fengke, Ma Shidi, Honghe, Mulong River Basin, Bimiao, Yuanyang Luojiazhai and other places. Good quality. Henan's amethyst production areas are mainly distributed in Nanyang area, Xinyang and Zhumadian and other places also have a small amount of output. In Shandong, the main source of amethyst is the Dashuichang in Mazhan Township, Yishui.

Amethyst purchase mistakes

General novice buyers usually have the following incorrect ideas when purchasing: Under the reflection of the morning light, amethyst shadows a magnificent two-color!

1. The color is darker. In fact, this view is just a personal opinion. The quality of amethyst is not divided by color, but whether it is transparent, whether it is dark or light amethyst, as long as it is transparent, the quality will not be Too bad (of course, the impurity content and the degree of ice cracking should also be considered). The real natural amethyst is seen in the morning light and sunset, and you will find that there are 2 colors!

2. I believe that there are good goods at cheap prices. Friends don't follow blindly on this point. You get what you pay for. The quality of natural amethyst is not much, so don't expect to buy 3A-grade amethyst for cheap money. If the merchant is willing to lose money and send it to you, That's another story.

3. Amethyst bracelets and necklaces without chromatic aberration, impurities and ice cracks are good. If you see such amethyst bracelets and necklaces, don't buy them. The best quality amethysts are generally not used for bracelets and necklaces (usually for interfaces, etc.) There is no chromatic aberration, and the 3A-grade amethysts sold by many merchants now also have impurities and cracks.




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