Why amethyst egg is so expensive?

Amethyst caves egg are more expensive, mainly because such amethyst caves are perfect in shape, oval in shape, and many outer walls have been polished to reveal a smooth agate layer. The dinosaur egg Amethyst Cave in Uruguay is famous for its beautiful crystal teeth. The hole type specification is very popular, and of course the price is also very expensive!

The biggest difference between Uruguay's Amethyst Cave and ordinary Amethyst Cave is in the shape of the cave. Money bags and dinosaur eggs are more expensive. As long as the hole is perfect, the price of the Amethyst Cave is more expensive than the ugly Amethyst Cave. The round shape of the money bag is the most expensive, and the oval shape of the dinosaur egg is the most expensive.

In terms of efficacy, as long as it is an amethyst cave, no matter what shape it is, it can play a good feng shui effect, but because the cave shape is good-looking, it is relatively rare, so the price will be expensive. The oval shape of the dinosaur egg combined with the polished agate wall makes it more valuable. So if you just want to buy an amethyst cave to improve your feng shui, you can choose it according to your economic ability. If you prefer dinosaur egg amethyst cave or want a more valuable geode, then you have to choose carefully, and your economic strength must keep up!


How about this kind of amethyst cave and how to choose?

first look hole

Amethyst Cave, as a thing to attract wealth and treasure, change evil spirits and change Feng Shui, must have a good hole shape. The Amethyst Cave should be square as a whole, with an open entrance and deep inside. The mouth is wide to swallow the wealth of all directions, and the hole is deep to accommodate the treasures of the world. The wide mouth and deep hole are also very ornamental.

Second look at the color.

As the name suggests, the more purple the color, the more precious it is. Like natural amethyst, the richer the color, the higher the price. Usually the amethyst cave produced in Uruguay has the most intense color. The color of the amethyst cave produced in Uruguay is generally richer than that of Brazil, but Uruguay is generally mostly small egg-shaped money bags.

The third look at crystal teeth

The bigger the crystal teeth in the Amethyst Cave, the more rare they are, and the ones with rich color are even more sought-after for collection. The crystal teeth in the amethyst cave grow inward slowly in the early stage of the formation of the amethyst cave. In the market, the crystal teeth are usually large and the color is not dark, and the crystal teeth with strong color are not large. Therefore, it is very difficult to collect a purple crystal cave with a rich color of large crystal teeth.

Fourth, look at the size

The larger the natural amethyst cave is, the more rare it is, and the longer it takes to form, and most of the amethyst caves on the market are sold by kilograms. The same quality is the bigger the more rare, and the higher the price.

Fifth, see if there is a symbiotic ore inside the Amethyst Cave. The symbiotic inside the Amethyst Cave is generally titanium crystal and white calcite. Amethyst cave crystal teeth are accompanied by golden titanium crystals, which can also be called titanium geodes. Titanium crystal is the king of lucky crystals, and titanium geode is even more rare. White calcite, this kind of stone is like white crystal, some are clustered like crystal teeth, and some are block-shaped inside the crystal cave. This kind of amethyst cave with other associated minerals in the amethyst teeth has its own advantages. The meaning of wealth. also rare。

amethyst egg

amethyst geode

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amethyst egg

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