Is amethyst a good gift?

Amethyst means happiness and peace. In my country, amethyst, like traditional jade, has the meaning of happiness and well-being, which can make the wearer healthy and have a smooth career. Amethyst contains many wonderful elements and energy. Peace of mind and peace of mind, so that you can be full of energy, always full of energy.

Is amethyst a good gift?

Natural amethyst usually has natural ice cracks or white cloud impurities. Amethyst is widely distributed in nature, mainly in Brazil, Russia, South Africa and Madagascar.

Amethyst represents spirituality, spirit, and high-level love, and can be given to admirers as a kind of love and token. Amethyst is also known as a talisman, which can usually drive away evil luck, enhance personal luck, promote intelligence, stabilize emotions, improve intuition, help thinking, focus, enhance memory, and give courage and strength.


Amethyst is the "guardian stone of love": in ancient Greek Western mythology, Bacchus, the god of wine and Diana, the goddess of the moon, were so angry that they sent a tiger to take revenge, but on the way they met Amei, a girl who went to see Diana. Hist, Diana turned it into a crystal statue in order to prevent Amethyst from being killed by a tiger. Bacchus regretted seeing the statue, tears of regret fell on the statue, and the crystal statue turned purple.

Amethyst means a happy love. In the West, amethyst is a famous stone of love, and it is the best choice for things of love. Wearing it between couples can give each other the courage to guard their love and make love more solid and sweet.


Is amethyst a good gift?

In addition to the general crystal balls, crystal pillars, hand beads, chimneys, etc., the representative crystals of amethyst, there are also amethyst caves that many people like and common! Amethyst Cave is widely used as a feng shui stone to improve the feng shui of Yangzhai because it is said to have the function of gathering qi and turning evil spirits into treasures.

Amethyst is respected as a traditional amulet, so it can ward off evil spirits! Amethyst can help the human body to exorcise evil spirits, improve luck, help to regulate people's emotional stability, improve intuition, help thinking, enhance memory, enhance imagination, and give us more courage and strength.



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