Which constellation is the most suitable for Amethyst Cave?

Since ancient times, constellations have been dubbed the color of mysterious legends, and crystals are also covered with a mysterious veil that makes people obsessed. There are innumerable mysterious connections between constellations and crystals. For example, people today use the magical and unique energy of crystals to enhance your constellation strengths and subdue your constellation weaknesses. Different constellations correspond to different crystal characteristics. Therefore, when choosing a crystal, you should prescribe the right medicine according to your constellation.

Amethyst is a gemstone, a type of crystal, which is purple in color and is generally used for decorative purposes. Mohs hardness level 7, mainly composed of silicon dioxide, its purple color was thought to be caused by manganese in the early days, but now it is generally believed to be caused by organic matter in it, and its crystals will turn yellow after heating. It was used as a decorative gemstone as early as the ancient Egyptian era, and only the pope or archbishop could wear it in medieval Europe.


Amethyst represents spirituality, spirit, and high-level love, and can be used as a token of affection and token for admirers. As a traditional amulet, amethyst can usually drive away bad luck, enhance personal luck, promote intelligence, stabilize emotions, improve intuition, help thinking, focus, enhance memory, and give courage and strength. Purple dominates the right brain world, that is, intuition and subconsciousness. For Aries, it is especially suitable to have amethyst, which can promote their concentration, improve thinking vitality, and enable people to think calmly in troubles and face the challenges of reality calmly.


1. Cancer:
Crabs who are insecure and emotional need the powerful power of amethyst to stabilize their emotions.

2. Virgo:
Since Virgos are not strong in intuition and weak in creativity, amethyst can improve people's creativity and intuition. This is different from opal, which helps the imaginative and creative people to exert its effect effectively, while amethyst helps the weak creative people.

3, Pisces:
Fish are prone to lack of concentration and insomnia. Amethyst can help people concentrate and give people a good sleep quality. Therefore, for candidates, amethyst is also a must-have secret weapon.

4, Aquarius:
Since the water bottle attaches great importance to the improvement of the spiritual level, amethyst and obsidian can help the water bottle to do this. Amethyst is the guardian and birthstone of Aquarius. For Aquarius, it is very suitable to wear amethyst, which can make the wearer concentrate, improve thinking vitality, make people think calmly in troubles, and calmly face the challenges of reality.


Sagittarius' Guardian Crystal - Amethyst


Sagittarius people are naturally optimistic and full of ideals in life. Once a goal is set, he will spare no effort to struggle until it is achieved. Sagittarius people are upright and frank, treat people sincerely, have good popularity, have strong self-confidence, and can withstand pressure and blows.

Travel, excitement, and new things are the most needed ingredients in Sagittarius' life. They are stubborn and tolerant, free but have their own reasons, and they know how to disguise without being a city. The good and the bad seem to be just like it will be handed over at the end of the year. At the same time, it seems very different. The biggest disadvantage of Sagittarius people is that they are very impatient, careless, impulsive, and do not know how to think twice before acting.


The characteristics of Sagittarius make their magnetic field more different than others. On the one hand, they have inherited the nature of fire, so their magnetic field is not so easy to shake, but if it is only The magnetic field is firm and stable, but when wearing the crystal, it will make them collide with the magnetic field of the crystal, because they repel other magnetic fields to intervene. However, the magnetic field of Sagittarius is always different. Compared with the other two fire constellations, Sagittarius has a little more smoothness and elasticity in his character, which allows them to offset the opposition to the crystal magnetic field while accepting the crystal magnetic field. . So in fact, for Sagittarius people, they can wear any crystal, and as long as they wear it properly, any crystal can become their guardian crystal.

However, amethyst is still the first choice for Sagittarius, because amethyst represents spirituality, and its energy can help Sagittarius to deal with difficult things calmly and make it stable. In addition, Sagittarius' own talent can often achieve A multiplier effect.


According to Western traditions, amethyst is often used as a talisman, which can drive away bad luck and turbidity from the body and enhance personal luck. Amethyst dominates the right brain, that is, intuition and subconsciousness. For the careless Sagittarius, it is especially suitable for amethyst, which can make him concentrate, think persistently and deliberately in troubles, and achieve extraordinary careers.

Amethyst is the only purple gemstone in the crystal, and it is also a symbol of love. Although Sagittarius people are very charismatic, they cannot be called masters in terms of emotions. Being erratic and unpredictable makes you very chaotic in the emotional world, confused, erratic, and orientated. There is great courage, but the backbone is not good. When encountering emotional ups and downs, there is often the idea of "following each other". Amethyst is a symbol of persistence in the world of love, which can make up for the lack of Sagittarius. Once Sagittarius can put his mind into worthy love under the energy of amethyst, he is often admired, the kind of lover who would rather give up bread.


Attachment: Amethyst User Manual

1. The amethyst rolling stone can be put into the pillow to sleep the elderly patients with qi deficiency and weakness, which can help to eliminate eye loss and improve the quality of sleepy eyes. Note that if it is a young person or a person with a normal qi who comes to sleep, it may be because the amethyst qi is too strong, but the head is inflated too much and the sleep is not stable.

2. Children, students at school can sit on the amethyst rolling stone cushion to read and write homework, which helps to concentrate on the classroom, improve their learning ability and improve their academic performance.

3. It is recommended to place the Amethyst Cave on the desk. Its thick energy field is helpful for reading and memorizing materials, and it is also helpful for research and development and innovation.

4. When driving, you have a bad temper and are easily irritable. You can't help but want to race and grab a fast friend. It is recommended to put an amethyst rolling stone cushion on the driver's seat, which can calm this impatience. Keep yourself safe.


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