The efficacy and role of amethyst bracelet

The efficacy and role of amethyst bracelet

Effect of amethyst

The efficacy and role of amethyst bracelet

Many people know that in the West, can ice jade become purple under light? Amethyst bracelet has always been considered a symbol of romantic love, and there are many beautiful stories about amethyst. In fact, in addition to being a symbol of romance, amethyst also has many other effects. Amethyst pop is from. The special effects and functions of amethyst, as a traditional amulet, amethyst can usually drive away evil luck, enhance personal luck, and can promote intelligence, stabilize emotions, improve intuition, help thinking, focus, and enhance memory.

Amethyst has the effect of exorcising evil spirits and warding off evil and refreshing the mind. Wearing amethyst for a long time can regulate people's emotions, improve thinking ability, and enhance memory. Efficacy and role of amethyst bracelet Special efficacy and role of amethyst: 1. Amethyst, as an amulet in the traditional sense, can usually drive away evil luck, enhance personal luck, and promote the efficacy and role of smart amethyst necklace to stabilize emotions , improve intuition, help thinking, focus, enhance.

Amethyst is a kind of crystal, and it is also one of the materials of many single products. Among the many crystals of pure color, amethyst is one of the very outstanding ones. She has a noble and deep color, crystal clear crystals, very gorgeous. And charming, let's take a look at wearing purple. Amethyst bracelet has a calming effect, can relieve stress and tension, and improve sleep quality. Wearing an amethyst bracelet can also massage the wrist to help promote local blood circulation. In addition, amethyst bracelet can also increase the attractiveness of the wearer, which helps.

amethyst effect

Amethyst is a relatively expensive natural crystal jewelry in the crystal family. Amethyst bracelets, necklaces, bracelets, and pendants are particularly exquisite. Let's take a look at the efficacy and role of amethyst! [Physiological role] Different depths.


There are not many natural amethyst resources recommended for good amethyst bracelets, and there are not many fake jadeites in Myanmar. Therefore, the annual output is not large, and there is no way to produce them on a large scale. To meet the demand of production, almost all big brands use artificial purple.


Amethyst is a kind of natural crystal jewelry with high cost performance in the crystal family. Amethyst bracelets, necklaces, bracelets and pendants are especially exquisite. Let's take a look at the efficacy and role of amethyst! The efficacy and role of amethyst: 1. The role of enhancing the body and mind.  The energy of amethyst bracelet to increase memory is very high. The appearance of secondary jadeite rough amethyst can not only develop wisdom, help thinking, concentrate power, increase memory ability, but also increase the vitality of brain cells and the operation of the brain. Emerald Whether the ice slag from the original stone has reached the ice is an indispensable crystal gem weapon for students and office workers.


Efficacy and function of amethyst bracelet 1. Amethyst has the most cohesive power. Put it between the eyebrows to absorb negative ions from the eyes, brain and secretory glands, and help sleep quickly restore health. Modern people use it to ward off evil spirits, protect the body, prolong life, detoxify and increase wisdom. Amethyst bracelets are now more than just accessories. Can you buy a piece of ice jade for 1000 yuan? Many people who work or study with high intensity for a long time choose to buy amethyst to calm their hearts, so amethyst What is the effect and function of the bracelet? Let's take a look. Amethyst bracelet.


The efficacy and role of amethyst Because the minerals in amethyst contain minerals such as iron and manganese, the color of amethyst is mostly lavender, purple, deep red and blue-violet, but in amethyst it is composed of deep purple and Big red crystal is better. The above picture is a natural Uruguayan amethyst bracelet, with a ring mouth of 53 and a price of 919 yuan. First of all, amethyst cannot be subjected to strong high temperature irradiation. Under a certain high temperature, the amethyst will fade and become Ametrine, but not the pure kind, which is for purple.


Amethyst effect

Amethyst corresponds to the crown chakra, which can develop wisdom, help thinking, concentrate, increase memory, and increase the vitality of brain cells and the operation of the brain, especially suitable for students and office workers. It is also known as a social stone. It is not like the peach blossom relationship brought by pink crystal, but is attracted from the bottom of the heart. Often wearing it helps to meet noble people and enhance intuition and subconsciousness. Amethyst is an absorbing spar, and it is recommended to wear it on the left hand to exert its effect.


The Legend of Amethyst

The Greek god of wine, Dionysus, was known for his love of wine, but he became feisty after a few drinks. One day, Dionysus appeared in the forest, drunk with a glass of wine in his hand, and was humiliated by a mortal who passed by without paying homage to him. The incident deeply angered him, and he resolved to take his anger out on the second mortal he met.

So he saw Amysis walking along the way, a young and beautiful girl, walking on the way to worship Goddess Diana. Dionysus decides that Amysis is the one he will take revenge on. He snapped his fingers, and two fierce tigers rushed out to swallow the girl who looked like jade. As Dionysus locks triumphantly over his magic, Amysis cries out to the goddess Diana for help. Just at the critical moment, the goddess Diana turned Amysis into a golden statue of pure white crystal, and Amysis also escaped from the tiger's mouth.

After sobering up, Dionysus deeply regretted his actions and shed tears of repentance. Tears fell into the goblet, and Dionysus sprinkled the statue of Amysis with his tears. The pure white crystal absorbed the tear wine and turned into a colored gemstone, which is the amethyst we see today, the jade of God.


The meaning and effect of amethyst

amethyst role

Amethyst (AMETHYST): It is the birthstone for February, representing purity, harmony and peace of mind. When placed under the pillow, it can stimulate thinking and sleep peacefully. Contact with amethyst can improve spirituality and increase wisdom. Therefore, some people who are studying or are experiencing exam luck are also very suitable to wear. Placing amethyst clusters will make people feel happy and have few desires, etc. The ancients believed that it can ward off evil spirits, protect the body, bring happiness and longevity, and detoxify and avoid injury, like a talisman. The energy of amethyst is very high, and its energy is relative to the eyebrow chakra in the seven-chakra system. Therefore, amethyst can not only open up wisdom, assist thinking, concentrate thinking, increase memory ability, but also increase the vitality of brain cells and the operation of the brain. For students and office workers who need to use their brains for a long time, amethyst is indispensable. Crystal gem weapon.


Amethyst is also a social stone, but the social relationship here refers not to the popularity brought by pink crystal, but to the attraction of a restrained heart. Often wearing it will help you meet noble people, increase your wit, and make progress. Intuition and shallow consciousness. Ametrine, also known as eclectic stone, is a symbol of high wisdom in nature. Because it is called eclectic stone, it is natural to have obvious functions for friction or contradiction between people. In addition, amethyst also symbolizes wisdom and wealth, in other words, it has the dual energy magnetic field of amethyst and citrine, which is quite attractive.


The effect of amethyst to enhance popularity. Amethyst is regarded as a social stone, which can make people have both sides in social situations. The popularity brought by amethyst is introverted and attracted by the heart; often wearing amethyst helps to meet noble people and increase wit , to improve intuition and subconsciousness. In the five elements, amethyst is the main fire, the control of the main leadership ability, can bring noble people luck, can make people have tolerance, bring noble gas, convince people with heart, so that subordinates can serve from the heart , with the meaning of getting rich because of being expensive. Amethyst's efficacy of love guardian stone. In Greek mythology, amethyst is a symbol of the mysterious vitality of Bacchus, the god of wine. It is said that Bacchus can transform the vitality of sex into spiritual vitality through amethyst, which can also play a great role in solving sexual problems and finding suitable objects. the power of. In Western countries, amethyst is considered to be the guardian stone of love, which can bring people honesty, chastity, courage and self-confidence, and can make couples and couples get deeper romantic love. Amethyst can also make the other party unswervingly loyal to their love, have a happy marriage, and enhance popularity and heterosexuality. It can also help the success of love and career, can be used as a fixation, and also represents luck.


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